Workable Solutions

Summer House



We understand that for many of our clients, commissioning a building represents a major investment in time and money and will strongly influence their lifestyle or how they undertake their business. The development of a building design can be a very time consuming process and we recognise that this input is often in addition to their normal workload. In order to maximise our client’s investment and minimise the disturbance to their normal course of business, we work alongside them in achieving their goals. We achieve this through an interactive design process and by presenting clear information of the various design options.



Architecture is our vocation. Anyone commissioning Hayward Architects Ltd. can be assured of the highest standards set by the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists. Professionalism is not only adherence to codes of conduct but also how we approach our work in our duty, ability and integrity.



There is no set formula for the creation of a Building. Most are prototypical and are created to meet a unique set of criteria. In order to provide successful solutions, a number of alternatives need to be explored, usually in challenging timescales. In order to sustain this process we are passionate about our work and achieve immense satisfaction through its successful completion.