Complimentary Services

Hayward Architects Ltd. offer a host of technical and design services. To make full and best use of the breadth of services available, it is recommended that we are engaged early in the design process. Early involvement means that attention can be focused on achieving the specific project objectives.

Specifications and details can be prepared that are closely tailored to the individual project requirements, providing opportunities for reductions in costs associated with time and material waste whilst at the same time maximising value for money and maintaining a high quality standard.

Hayward Architects Ltd. offer a complete and comprehensive range of services, providing a complete design package for our clients, which includes any, or all of the following:-

Servies From Hayward Architects

Additional services can include the interior design and external setting of the building but can also incorporate studies of its environmental impact, its planning context as well as its strategic positioning as part of a wider development strategy. We work closely with external consultants to co-ordinate these aspects into the overall project. 



Planning & Building Regulations Applications

The initial design process normally culminates in the submission of a planning application to the local authority. The type, size and extent of your project will determine whether or not a planning application is necessary. As part of our services we offer an initial free consultation, during the course of which we will advise you as to whether or not you will be required to submit a planning application.

With all building work, the owner of the property (or land) in question is ultimately responsible for complying with the relevant planning rules and building regulations (regardless of the need to apply for planning permission and/or building regulations approval or not).

It is your responsibility for seeking, or not seeking, these permissions. These should be granted before any work begins.

Failure to comply with the relevant rules will result in the owner being liable for any remedial action (which could go as far as demolition and/or restoration). We therefore recommend that, if you have any queries about a particular case, you contact us for a free preliminary consultation.

For additional information, follow this link to visit the Planning Portal: Find out more…

For an interactive guide on how to find out about common projects for your home, follow this link: Find out more…

Principle Designers

Under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) you will be required to appoint a Principle Designer where there is likely to be more than one contractor appointed to complete the works. 

We can carry out the role of Principle Designers on projects of all types and sizes and have Association of Project Safety (APS) Accredited staff.


For additional information on the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) follow this link:


Find out more…


Measured Building Surveys

We can carry out measured building surveys on all types of buildings to create a 3D as existing model of your property. 

This is then used to develop the scheme designs to meet your brief. 

Full Services and Contract Administration

We can provide full services from inception to completion including Planning, Building Regulations, Construction Drawings, Tendering and Contract Administration through to completion.

Fee Strategy

Hayward Architects’ fees are agreed after an initial free consultation. As every project is unique in it’s size and type of work, and the degree of involvement from Hayward Architects will vary, the pricing structure for our Architectural Services is tailored to suit each project. Every stage is priced separately, so you can decide which stages to proceed with.

For more information then contact us.